The blockchain world is dynamic and constantly evolving, with Zilliqa emerging as a standout platform for its high-performance, scalable, and secure infrastructure. Ideal for developers aiming to build decentralized applications (DApps) with high throughput requirements, Zilliqa offers unique opportunities. This article not only guides you through the app creation process on Zilliqa but also provides a hands-on Scilla smart contract example.

Understanding Zilliqa and Scilla

Embarking on your Zilliqa journey begins with understanding its architecture and Scilla (Smart Contract Intermediate-Level Language). Scilla is engineered for safety, mitigating common smart contract vulnerabilities and enhancing contract security.

Setting Up Your Development Environment
Your journey starts with setting up the development environment. This includes installing the Zilliqa JavaScript Library (Zilliqa-JS), which facilitates interactions with the Zilliqa blockchain. Tools like Zilliqa’s wallet services and explorer are essential for a streamlined development and testing process.

Writing and Testing a Smart Contract in Scilla

At the heart of your Zilliqa app is the smart contract. Here’s a simple example to illustrate Scilla’s functionality:

(* A basic counter contract in Scilla *)

scilla_version 0

library SimpleCounterLib

let one = Uint32 1

contract SimpleCounter

field count : Uint32 = Uint32 0

procedure IncreaseCount()
  c <- count;
  count := c + one

transition Increase()
  event Increased(count)

This contract, a basic counter, showcases the typical structure and syntax of Scilla smart contracts. It features a field (count), a procedure (IncreaseCount), and a transition (Increase). The Increase transition increments the count each time it’s called.

After writing your contract, use the Scilla IDE and other tools for testing and debugging.

Deploying and Integrating Your Smart Contract

Post-testing, deploy your contract to the Zilliqa blockchain. Subsequently, develop your app’s frontend using standard web technologies and ensure it interacts seamlessly with your deployed smart contract.

Final Testing and Launch

Before launching, perform thorough end-to-end testing to guarantee flawless interaction between the frontend and the smart contract.


Developing an app on Zilliqa, especially with Scilla, is an enriching experience that fuses programming artistry with blockchain innovation. This simple counter contract exemplifies the potential and ease of creating secure, efficient applications on Zilliqa’s robust platform. Dive into this exciting development journey and explore the vast possibilities Zilliqa offers!

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